14MM-BA213U - Amplifier 39dB Forward Gain 5-30MHz Passive Return
14MM-BA213U - Amplifier 39dB Forward Gain 5-30MHz Passive Return Packaging Image

Amplifier 39dB Forward Gain 5-30MHz Passive Return


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Premium range of UHF and combination mast head and house distribution modulators and amplifiers to suit all needs. Matchmaster’s range of mast head modulators and amplifiers have 694MHz built in low pass LTE/4G filters to reduce interference from 4G mobile transmissions.
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Features and Benefits

  • High output amplifier capable of high channel loads
  • Ga-As push pull amplification for low distortion
  • Variable gain control to set output of the amplifier and slope adjustment for cable compensation
  • Includes Passive Return Path module
  • Diecast housing for high RF screening
  • 230~260VAC mains powered
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Forward Path* 47-862MHz
Return Path* 5-30MHz
Forward Path** 39dB
Return Path -2.5dB
Flatness*** 30.5dB
Gain Adjustment 20dB
Slope Adjustment Typical 18dB
Inverse Cable Equaliser 0-9dB in 1dB Step
Output Level CTB, CSO (EN50083-3)**** -20dB
Input and Output Return Loss***** >14dB
Noise Figure <7dB
Test Points Attenuation -20dB
Mains Powering 230V ∼ 50Hz 11W
Operating Temperature Range -20°C ÷ +50°C
* Depends on plug-in modules: return path passive pd 02-xx or active pr 02-xx (return path modules should be ordered separately)
** With link 0dB instead of interstage attenuators are supplied in scope of the amplifier delivery
*** For amplifier with return path - ±0.7dB
****Measured with 6dB interstage equaliser
*****When f40MHz, return loss 14dB (40MHz) - 1.5dB/octave, but not less 10dB

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