Optical TX SMATV -

Optical TX SMATV

Fibre Optics

Matchmaster provides an extensive range of IP and fibre solutions for RF overlay and distribution. Simple IP solution using SAP protocol without the need for middleware through to advanced hospitality solutions. Simple fibre solutions for CATV and L-band in 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths including DWDM solutions for 5 wire over single fibre distribution.
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Features and Benefits

  • This unit offers high power output at 6dBm (10dBm for 20MM-M0428L-4D55-1550) extending your design reach can be ordered as 1310nm to 1550nm wavelength
  • LAN control offers WEB monitoring and management of the device
  • Uses the industry standard connector SC/APC for optical connection
  • LAN control connector is the RJ45 industry standard connector
  • Mounts on the Terra AT series 19" IRU frame
  • Complimenting these units are the fully redundant power supplies, UP412 and UP413

Product Range

Product Code Product Description
20MM-MO418L-4D55-1550 Optical TX SMATV 1550nm Single 6dBm
20MM-M0428L-4D55-1550 Optical TX SMATV 1550nm Twin 6dBm
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