21MM-MDS-S-20-1TAP - 20dB 1-Way MDS Tap Supplied

20dB 1-Way MDS Tap Supplied


Multiswitch Systems

Matchmaster has a premium range of Pay TV distribution systems to suit any project size. Our range of MDS 2 Wire equipment is the leader in the market both for quality and simplicity while delivering the best possible signal due to its high quality New Zealand design and engineering.
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Features and Benefits

  • Low losses
  • DC pass through SAT1/TER trunk lines; switchable DC pass to isolate "TAP" line
  • Power LED to indicate power present
  • Comes complete with comprehensive labelling system and "quick connection" system
  • Supplied With 2 x 21MM-DV49 Quick Joiner


Typical Value Q.C. Limit
Frequency Range
H/TV (TerrTV & SAT IF) 5-694 & 950-2150MHz
V (SAT IF) 950-2150MHz
Inputs H/TV /18V + V/14V
Outputs 8/16/32 x TAPs
Taps H/TV /18V + V
Insertion Loss
H/TV (IN-OUT) 5-694 & 950-2150MHz 2dB ≤2.5dB
V (IN-OUT) 950-2150MHz 1.2dB ≤2dB
TAP Loss
H/TV (IN-TAP) 5-694 & 950-2150MHz 20dB 20 ± 2dB
V (IN-TAP) 950-2150MHz 18-22dB 17.5-22.5dB
Trunk Isolation
H/TV 5-694 & 950-2150MHz 35dB ≥30dB
Mutual Isolation
H/TV (OUT-TAP) 5-694 & 950-2150MHz 25dB ≥22dB
V (OUT-TAP) 950-2150MHz 25dB ≥22dB
Return Loss
H/TV 5-694 & 950-2150MHz 12dB ≥10dB
V 950-2150MHz 12dB ≥10dB
Power Pass (max, 2A)
H/TV (IN-TAP) Switchable DC pass to tap H outputs
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