21MM-MDS-S-AMP - 3x2 MDS Amplifier, Wall Mount

3x2 MDS Amplifier, Wall Mount


Multiswitch Systems

Matchmaster has a premium range of Pay TV distribution systems to suit any project size. Our range of MDS 2 Wire equipment is the leader in the market both for quality and simplicity while delivering the best possible signal due to its high quality New Zealand design and engineering.
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Features and Benefits

  • Amplifiers 2 polarities of satellite & terrestrial in one device, whilst providing power to the LNB and system components
  • Cascadable with MDS™ cable components and can line power up to 12 MDS™ Multiswitch's
  • Easy signal level controlled with attenuation on each satellite and terrestrial signal
  • Output to feed into MDS™ 2/4SPLIT for pre-set trunk design
  • Wall friendly
  • See MDS™ guidelines, template and easy setup documents


Typical Value Q.C. Limit
Frequency Range
Terrestrial 5-694MHz
Satellite 950-2150MHz
Inputs SAT1 / SAT2 / TER / DC_IN (+18V)
Outputs A(SAT1+TER) / B(SAT2)
SAT 23-30dB [23-30] ± 3dB
TER 25dB 25 ± 3dB
Attenuation ADJ
SAT 18dB 18 ± 2dB
TER 20dB 20 ± 2dB
Slope ADJ
SAT 0-7dB 0-8dB
TER 0-18dB 0-16dB
Port/Port 32dB ≥30dB
TER Out-band Rejection @694MHz
721MHz 28dB ≥25dB
Return Loss
TER Input/Output 12dB ≥10dB
SAT Input/Output 12dB ≥10dB
Noise Figure
SAT 6dB ≤8dB
TER 5dB ≤7dB
Max. O/P Level
SAT 112dBµV ≥110dBµV
TER 110dBµV ≥108dBµV
Max. Input Level
SAT 110dBµV ≥98dBµV
TER 105dBµV ≥103dBµV
DC to Input 500mA @ A : 18VDC ; B : 14VDC
Current Consumption 150mA Max. @ 18VDC
Power Indicator 5 LED (Green)
External Switching Mode Power Supply 90 ~ 264 Vac / 47 ~ 63 Hz / 3A @ 18V
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