10MM-DDA14C - 4 Port Apartment Amplifier with Backfeed

4 Port Apartment Amplifier with Backfeed


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The DDA14C performs the same as the DDA24 but is designed to be used in apartments that have an SMATV system. It has no separate/combined switching on input to reduce cost but not performance.
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Features and Benefits

  • The DDA14C has 18VDC on the input to signal a system switch in an SMATV system or to power a Terra optical node
  • All four outputs can see the input independently. The DDA14C is supplied with a 18VDC 1A regulated power supply power supply for local powering or a power injector can be purchased separately for line powering of the DDA214C
  • LTE filtering ensures 4/5G interferences do not interfere with the performance of the digital signals
  • As with the DDA24 the DDA14C offers the "Backfeed" port for distribution of modulated HD signals around the apartment
  • Designed for New Zealand commercial distributions systems with Kiwi Ingenuity
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