14MM-HA214 - TERRA Amplifier 40dB Forward Gain 47-862MHz
Front View

TERRA Amplifier 40dB Forward Gain 47-862MHz


Product Summary

The HA214 is a 40dB forward gain locally powered distribution amplifier that can be set to either 27dB or -5dB gain with up to 18dB of adjustment. In addition, the HA214 features an interstage discrete attenuator and equaliser for optimum signal control.
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Features and Benefits

  • Frequency range 47 to 862MHz with 40dB gain
  • Interstage attenuator, slope pre-correction and adjustable gain and slope regulators
  • Output level CTB, CSO (EN60728-3)* 109 dBμV (42 Ch.)
  • 18dB adjustment for both gain and slope
  • Operating temperature range 20 ÷ +50°C


Forward path
Frequency range 47-862 MHz
Gain 40 dB
Gain adjustment 18 dB
Slope adjustment 18 dB
Interstage attenuator -10/-5/0 dB
Interstage equalizer -10/-5/0 dB
Flatness* ±1 dB
Input and output return loss ≥ 14 dB at 40 MHz; -1.5 dB/oct., but not less 10 dB
Output level CTB, CSO (EN60728-3)** 109 dBμV
Noise figure 6 dB
Test points*** -20 dB
Power consumption 230 V~ 50/60 Hz
6 W
Operating temperature range -20° ÷ +50°C
Dimensions/Weight (packed) 185x91x47 mm/0.7 kg
* for amplifiers with return path measured 10 MHz after the starting frequency of forward path
** with 5 dB interstage equalizer
*** input test point is bi-directional and could be used as return path output test point; output test point is directional and could be used for insertion return path signals
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