14MM-SA45 - Amplifier SAT 35-45DB Televes
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Amplifier SAT 35-45DB Televes


Amplifiers and Modulators

Premium range of UHF and combination mast head and house distribution modulators and amplifiers to suit all needs. Matchmaster’s range of mast head modulators and amplifiers have 694MHz built in low pass LTE/4G filters to reduce interference from 4G mobile transmissions.
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Features and Benefits

  • 45dB gain for Satellite
  • Combines Terrestrial
  • Powers LNB
  • 20dB adjustment
  • 30dB test port
  • Mains power


Frequency Range 950-2150MHz 47-862MHz
Gain (dB) 35-45 -1.5
Attenuator (dB) 0-20 -
Equalizer (dB) 0-12 -
Noise Figure (dB) 10 typ. -
Max. Output Level 124 typ. (DIN V VDE 0855/12)
TEST Socket (dB) -30
Working Temperature -10° - 45°C
Mains Voltage (V) 198-264
Automatic DC Bypass Max. Output DC for LNB 300mA
22KHz Amplitude Tone 0.6 ± 0.1 Vpp
Protection Level IP20
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