30MM-MST316 - Multiswitch 3 x 16 with Backfeed (Hub and Wall Friendly)
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Multiswitch 3 x 16 with Backfeed (Hub and Wall Friendly)


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Amplifiers and Modulators

Premium range of UHF and combination mast head and house distribution modulators and amplifiers to suit all needs. Matchmaster’s range of mast head modulators and amplifiers have 694MHz built in low pass LTE/4G filters to reduce interference from 4G mobile transmissions.
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Features and Benefits

  • Inputs: 2 x Satellite, 1 x Terrestrial, 1 x Backfeed (SAT1 and TER switchable SEP/COMB)
  • Frequency 47-2150MHz
  • Electrostatic protection
  • LNB and Masthead amplifier powering
  • Power supply included
  • Compatible with MST, DDA and MDS, Hub friendly


Typical QC Limit Remark
Frequency Response TER 88-694MHz
BF 500-694MHz
SAT 950-2150MHz
Inputs SAT/TER. + TER. + BF + SAT F Type Female Connector
Outputs EN300744 16 Taps
Insertion Gain TER/SAT/BF 0dB ≥ -2dB
Isolation Switching 25dB ≥ 23dB 950-2150MHz
SAT-TER 28dB ≥ 25dB 88-694MHz
SAT 1/TER 27dB ≥ 25dB 721MHz @ 694MHz
TER 27dB ≥ 25dB 721MHz @ 694MHz
39dB ≥ 37dB 862MHz @ 694MHz
Isolation OUT-OUT TER/BF 22dB ≥ 20dB
SAT 25dB ≥ 23dB
Return Loss SAT/TER/BF Input 10dB ≥ 8dB
SAT/TER/BF Output 8dB ≥ 6dB
Max. Output Level TER/BF 85dBµV Max
SAT 103dBµV
Power to LNB 13V/18V DC @ DC IN or Outputs
LNB Power Capability 500mA Max
Terrestrial Signal Source Combined/Seperate Inputs Dip Switch
Dip Switch for 14V to TER 0V DC/14V DC Default Setting; 0V DC
ESD Protection SAT/TER, TER, BF @ DC In or Outputs
Power Consumptions Without LNB 290mA Max @ Receivers/DC IN
External Power Supply 1A Max @ 18V DC 10MM-PSM18F
Power Indicator Green LED

10MM-DDA14C 10MM-DDA24 10MM-DDA28 10MM-MST308 10MM-MST316-19 30MM-MST316
4G/5G/LTE Filtered
Power Supply Included 10MM-PSM18F 10MM-PSM18F 10MM-PSM18F 10MM-PSM18F 10MM-PSM18F 10MM-PSM18F
PWR Injector
C-Port Backfeed
TER Powering
SAT Powering
SAT/TER Combine Switch
Outputs 4 4 8 8 16 16
Wall Friendly
Hub Friendly
Rack Friendly
Dimensions (WxHxD) 85x110x35mm 115x155x45mm 115x265x45mm 125x335x45mm 215x490x45mm 130x340x70mm

A-Port: Connection for Satellite dish
B-Port: Connection for Terrestrial antenna, UHF and FM
C-Port: Connection for a modulated signal (10MM-MT67/68) so it can combine with A and B ports and be available on all outputs
TER Powering: The TER 14V power switch allows powering of a masthead amplifier connected to B/TER-port, if no masthead amplifier used switch to "0"
SAT Powering: All DDA/MST products produce 18VDC from A/SAT1 ports to power a satellite dish, LNB
SAT/TER Combine: When your UHF aerial is connected to B/TER port then switch is set to SEP (separate). When Satellite and Terrestrial are combined on same cable they connect to A/SAT1-TER port and switch set to COMB (combined). Regardless of this setting SAT/TER/BACK-feed are combined on output
SAT1: Used on the MST range and designed to connect to the main satellite dish looking at Optus D1 Horizontal for SKY and FreeView satellite
SAT2: Used to connect to a second satellite, this port produces 13VDC to select Vertical on the satellite. If the 13MM-KF15 LNB is used then Vertical and Horizontal can be received at the same time.
Outputs: The amount of outlets that can be connected to switch
Wall Friendly: Best used on a wall with inputs on left and outputs down the bottom
Hub Friendly: The 30MM-MST316 and 10MM-MST308 are designed to mount within a hub with all ins/outs on top for ease of cable management. The DDA-4-port units are small enough to still be mounted in a hub
Rack Friendly: Designed specifically to mount in a 19" communications rack. It occupies 1RU and has adjustable mounting frames so depth can be adjusted.
Powering: All DDA/MST products come complete with 1AMP 18VDC regulated power supply. All units can be powered locally or powered remotely over the coax from any of the outlets connected to any of the outputs.
All DDA/MST products come complete with a power injector, except the DDA14C, for this purpose.

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