06MM-E11Q250 - 250m RG11 Quad-shield Low Smoke Zero Halogen Coaxial Cable Reel
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250m RG11 Quad-shield Low Smoke Zero Halogen Coaxial Cable Reel


Product Summary

E11Q250 is a low smoke zero halogen PE jacketed cable for free-to-air and pay TV systems. Constructed from LSZH materials, this cable is the safe and environmentally friendly choice for your in-building network build. Available in 250m reels with meter marking, E11Q250 is suited for longer cable backbone and lateral runs where lengths are high loss with RG6. E11Q250 is a 3GHz rated low loss coaxial cable with a copper-clad steel centre conductor for durability and four shielding layers to guarantee maximum signal protection and stability.
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Features and Benefits

  • An RG11 metre marked low smoke – zero halogen cable with quad shielding
  • Developed due to concerns about the fire hazards of the insulation and jacketing material
  • Meets requirements for smoke index, acid gas generation, halogen content, and toxicity index
  • Sold in a 250 metre reel


Inner conductor Copper clad steel Ф1.63±0.02mm
Insulation Physically foamed PE Ф7.11±0.15mm
1st Outer conductor Boned Al/PET/AL Tape
2nd Outer conductor Aluminum wire braid 34AWG
3rd Outer conductor Non-boned AI/PET/AI Tape
4th Outer conductor Aluminum wire braid 34AWG
Jacket Flame retardant PE Ф10.34±0.25mm
Mechanical Properties
Adhesion Force >60N
Electrical Properties
Impedance 75±2.5Ω
Nominal Capacitance 54pF/m
Propagation velocity 82%
DC breakdown voltage 3.0kV
Insulation resistance ≥10000 MΩ•km
Screening attenuation ≥110dB@5~3000MHz
Nominal inner conductor DC resistance 40.4Ω/km(@20°C)
Nominal outer conductor DC resistance 14.4Ω/km(@20°C)
Nominal loop DC resistance 54.8Ω/km(@20°C)
Frequency Attenuation
5MHz 1.25@20°C, dB/100m
55MHz 3.15@20°C, dB/100m
211MHz 6.23@20°C, dB/100m
250MHz 6.72@20°C, dB/100m
270MHz 7.00@20°C, dB/100m
300MHz 7.38@20°C, dB/100m
330MHz 7.71@20°C, dB/100m
350MHz 7.94@20°C, dB/100m
400MHz 8.53@20°C, dB/100m
450MHz 9.02@20°C, dB/100m
500MHz 9.51@20°C, dB/100m
550MHz 9.97@20°C, dB/100m
600MHz 10.43@20°C, dB/100m
750MHz 11.97@20°C, dB/100m
870MHz 13.31@20°C, dB/100m
1000MHz 14.27@20°C, dB/100m
1300MHz 16.21@20°C, dB/100m
1450MHz 17.36@20°C, dB/100m
1750MHz 19.52@20°C, dB/100m
2150MHz 21.65@20°C, dB/100m
2600MHz 24.04@20°C, dB/100m
2832MHz 25.09@20°C, dB/100m
3000MHz 25.86@20°C, dB/100m
Structure Return Loss
5-3000MHz ≥20dB
2011/65/EU Compliant
Environmental Properties
Operation -30~+85°C
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