06MM-E6SKYW-150 - 150m Belden RG6 White Dual-shield Coaxial Cable Reel (SKY Approved)
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150m Belden RG6 White Dual-shield Coaxial Cable Reel (SKY Approved)


Coaxial Cable

Matchmaster has a complete range of PAY TV and FTA approved cables for both commercial and residential applications. Matchmaster’s range includes standard and flooded RG6 and RG11 cable. Also available in White approved RG6 cable for indoor use. Whatever the application Matchmaster has the cable to suit.
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Features and Benefits

  • An RG6 metre marked cable
  • Sold in a 150 metre reel
  • Suitable and approved for SKY TV and Digital TV


Return Loss 5MHz to 1000MHz ≥ 20dB
1000MHz to 3000MHz ≥ 15dB
Impedance (Nominal) 75.0 +/- 3.0 Ohms
Velocity of Propagation 85.0% Nominal
Normal DC Resistance (Ohms/Km) Center Conductor 100.1
Normal DC Resistance (Ohms/Km) Outer Conductor 34.4
Attenuation @ 20°C
Frequency dB/100 meters Nominal
5MHz 1.81
55MHz 4.99
83MHz 6.08
187MHz 8.88
211MHz 9.51
250MHz 10.29
300MHz 11.06
350MHz 12.00
400MHz 12.93
450MHz 13.71
500MHz 14.52
550MHz 15.27
600MHz 15.90
750MHz 17.61
865MHz 19.01
1000MHz 20.41
1200MHz 22.32
1450MHz 24.50
1800MHz 27.21
2200MHz 30.01
2400MHz 33.14
2800MHz 35.76
3000MHz 37.01
Attenuation increases at higher temperature.
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