02MM-DAT45 - Antenna UHF with AGC  17dB Gain Passive + 14dB  GainWith Power (31dB Total)
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Antenna UHF with AGC 17dB Gain Passive + 14dB GainWith Power (31dB Total)


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The 02MM-DAT45 boasts asymmetrical directors which are great for providing clear, crisp reception. This, paired with the unit’s automatic gain control, ensures high picture quality. In addition, the unit boasts a new patented dipole which improves reception even further. The unit’s asymmetrical directors serve to improve the overall reception pattern, giving a crisp picture every time.
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Features and Benefits

  • With Automatic Gain Control
  • Asymmetrical directors provide the perfect reception pattern
  • Multilayer technology providing highest stability and reliability
  • Newly patented dipole that greatly improves the reception margins throughout the complete terrestrial band
  • Grounded electronic elements
  • 10MM-PSD14 power supply not included


02MM-DAT45 T-Force Technology Antenna


Mode Passive Automatic
Operating Band UHF UHF
Gain 17dB 32dB max.
Output Level - Self Regulated
Noise Figure - 2dB typ
Recommended Input Signal Level >75dBµV <75dBµV
Powering Voltage 0Vcc 12-24Vcc
Consumption - 45 mA max.
Beamwidth 30° 30°
Wind Load 120N (@130Km/H) 120N (@130Km/H)
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