02MM-MDU23 - Aerial UHF 23 Element
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Aerial UHF 23 Element 'F' Balun 4G


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What immediately distinguishes the 02MM-MDU23 from other antennas is its compact frame. This is a unit that doesn’t waste space and blends beautifully into its environment. In terms of features, it comes with X Type elements, which allow it to increase gain and improve wide-band performance, and it also boasts UV-resistant black plastic.
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Features and Benefits

  • X Type Elements for increased gain and wideband performance
  • F Type PCB balun for quick installation and improved VSWT
  • UV Resistant black plastics
  • Compact high visual impact packaging


Elements 23
Channels (21-50)
Frequency Range 470-694MHz
Maximum Gain 10dB
Front/Back Ratio >18dB
Balun Type 'F' Type PCB 4G Filter
Packing Unit Inner 1, Outer 5
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