20MM-MO428-55 - TERRA 2x6dBm TER/SAT Fibre Transmitter
Front View

TERRA 2x6dBm TER/SAT Fibre Transmitter


Product Summary

The TERRA series of wideband fibre transmitters are part of TERRA's 400 DIN rail series. They are suitable for free-to-air and SKY satellite services. Used as a standalone fibre TX for small systems, TERRA OAD514/518 EDFA for large fibre systems, or Matchmaster HA5824A-08 YEDFA GPON systems.
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Features and Benefits

  • DIN rail mount for wall use or the MR19-420 DIN sub-rack for rack mounting.
  • 2 x 6dBm SC/APC output capable of running up to 2 x 16-optical splits, 32-ports
  • Used with a single Terra UP413 power supply or with 2 x UP413 power supplies for redundancy
  • Front panel operation for ease of use
  • Generates fault codes for ease of fault finding
  • European design and manufacture
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