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Optical Splitters

Fibre Optics

Matchmaster provides an extensive range of IP and fibre solutions for RF overlay and distribution. Simple IP solution using SAP protocol without the need for middleware through to advanced hospitality solutions. Simple fibre solutions for CATV and L-band in 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths including DWDM solutions for 5 wire over single fibre distribution.
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Features and Benefits

  • Low insertion loss
  • High directivity
  • Good stability and reliability
  • Excellent polarization insensitivity
  • Operating wavelength: 1310nm or 1550nm

Product Range

Product Code Product Description
20MM-OSP2 2 Way Optical Splitter (Stand Alone)
20MM-OSP4 4 Way Optical Splitter (Stand Alone)
20MM-OSP8 8 Way Optical Splitter (Stand Alone)
20MM-OSP16 16 Way Optical Splitter (Stand Alone)
20MM-OSP32 32 Way Optical Splitter (Stand Alone)
20MM-OSP-1*2-19NZ KIT 2 Way 1-RU-19" Optical Splitter (Rack-Mount) Kit
20MM-OSP-1*4-19NZ KIT 4 Way 1-RU-19" Optical Splitter (Rack-Mount) Kit
20MM-OSP-1*8-19NZ KIT 8 Way 1-RU-19" Optical Splitter (Rack-Mount) Kit
20MM-OSP-1*16-19NZ KIT 16 Way 1-RU-19" Optical Splitter (Rack-Mount) Kit
20MM-OSP-1*32-19NZ KIT 32 Way 1-RU-19" Optical Splitter (Rack-Mount) Kit
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