09MM-SD20 - Diplexer Local Oscillator Stacker 10750 + 11300
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Diplexer Local Oscillator Stacker 10750 + 11300


Product Summary

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Features and Benefits

  • Combine 2 satellites over one coaxial cable
  • If you use a DDA product with the SD20 then you will get 2 Horizontal frequencies over the one coax
  • If you use the MST range then a mix of Horizontal and Vertical polarities can be achieved
  • Used with MDS™ you can achieve a 5 Wire solution over 2 cables
  • Using the Matchmaster 13MM-KF04 and 13MM-KF04A LNB's the 2 different local oscillators 10750/11300 are combined and can run over the one coaxial cable


Frequency 950-2150MHz
Input A Connection 1
Input B Connection 1
Output Connection 1
Power Pass (Max 30V 1A) OUT-IN A; OUT-IN B
Insertion Loss (dB) IN A-OUT, IN B-OUT 950-2150MHz 2.5 ≤3.0
Mutual Isolation (dB) IN A-IN B 950-2150MHz 18 ≥15
Isolation IN A, IN B, OUT 950-2150MHz 12 ≥10
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