19MM-SRG2400F - 2400MHz Lightning Protector
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2400MHz Lightning Protector


Product Summary

The 19MM-SRG2400F is a Foxtel approved 75 Ohm, 5-2400MHz lightning protector with F-type fittings. The SRG2400F helps protect your valuable MATV, SMATV systems from lightning damage by arresting the surge and redirecting the strike to the ground at the input to the system, protecting and minimising damage to your high-end downstream equipment.
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Features and Benefits

  • 5-2400MHz lightning protector - Foxtel approved (F31153)
  • F-type fittings for easy installation into any TV network
  • Power passing to allow powering of upstream devices, LNB's etc
  • <0.5dB insertion loss across the band
  • 2-electrode ceramic surge arrester


Frequency 5-2400MHz
Insertion loss 5-860MHz < 0.2dB
950-2400MHz < 0.5dB
Impedance 75Ω
F Female and Male connectors with waterproof cap
2-electrode ceramic surge arrester 2R150K
Service life 10-operation 50Hz 1s : 5A
10-operation 8/20µs : 5KA
300-operation 10/1000µs : 100A
Impulse spark-over voltage at 1KV/µs < 700V
Conformity with RoHS directive
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