14MM-AVANTX-PRO - Televes AVANT X PRO Programmable Multiband Amplifier for Terrestrial and Satellite Signals

Televes AVANT X PRO Programmable Multiband Amplifier for Terrestrial and Satellite Signals


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Features and Benefits

  • Auto-programming: The amplifier self scans the VHF/UHF inputs to find the best DVB-T/T2 channel, so it can automatically allocate each multiplex to a filter in the most optimum way
  • Very easy configuration and adjustment using ASuite application for Android or Windows
  • Up to 32 individually programmable filters: single channel digital filtering, even for adjacent channels (1 to 4 channels)
  • Digital processing of channels: output channels can be frequency shifted
  • AutoLTE: automatic internal adaptation of filters, depending on the LTE signal type (4G/5G)
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Avant X with Smart Configuration


No. of inputs 4 1 1
Frequency range 174-230MHz 470-694 / 790MHz (automatic TLE) 87-108MHz 950-2150MHz
Maximum gain 71dB 25dB 41
No. of filters 32 - -
No. of channels per filter 1...4 - -
Filter configuration No restraints - -
Slope regulation - 0-5dB - 0-15dB
Recommended input margin 40-100dBµV 76-101dBµV 69-99dBµV
Gain regulation 0-30dB (auto) 0-25 / OFF 0-30dB
Manual regulation after auto-adjustment +/- 3dB +/- 5dB -
Output level (DIN45004B) 118dBµV
Output level (EN50083 IMD3 2CH -36dB) 122dBµV 123dBµV
Programmable output level 83-108dBµV 86-111dBµV 76-101dBµV -
Selectivity >30dB@+/-1MHz >20dB@+/-20MHz >40 (87-862MHz)
Input powering 12Vdc (AUTO/ON/OFF) - 13/17Vdc (0/22 KHz)
Maximum current per input 50mA 200mA (local) / 400mA (remote)
Mains voltage / frequency 220-230Vac/50-60Hz
Total consumption 20W
Maximum operating temperature 45°C
Weight 920g
Dimensions 225x120x55mm
Protection index 20IP