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12MM-MOSAIQ6/6-SF Software Licenses

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Matchmaster has a range of test equipment from simple signal finders through to professional high end RF/Fibre optic analysers. Matchmaster can supply hands on training for all meter types as well as local service and repairs. All professional meters are tested and programmed by Matchmaster to suit your needs.
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Features and Benefits

  • Individual software unlocking facilitates the application-specific product activation. You only pay for what you use providing absolute flexibility for signal processing.
  • 12MM-M6-4K allows signal display with 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) and supports the new H.265 HEVC video compression format.
  • 12MM-M6-ANALOG allows the measuring of signal levels between 20 dBμV and 128 dBμV, C/N up to 30 dB, and V/A up to 52 dB.
  • 12MM-M6-DAB allows power measuring between 20 dBμV and 128 dBμV, standard C/N and MER for DAB & DAB+ signal
  • 12MM-M6-GPS allows measurements to be displayed on a map at the very same spot where they were actually taken, facilitating coverage analysis.
  • 12MM-M6-WIFI allows 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi band analysis. 5GHz is a much less congested frequency, which means much less interference.

Product Range

Product Code Product Description
12MM-M6-4K License For 12MM-MOSAIQ6/6-SF 4K UHD
12MM-M6-ANALOG License For 12MM-MOSAIQ6/6-SF Analogue Measurement
12MM-M6-DAB License For 12MM-MOSAIQ6/6-SF DAB/DAB+
12MM-M6-GPS License For 12MM-MOSAIQ6/6-SF GPS Drive Test
12MM-M6-WIFI License For 12MM-MOSAIQ6/6-SF Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz
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