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Hardware Comparison Table

Part Number Pole Diameter Pole Height Measure from Plate to Pole Bend Plate/Foot Measure Stay 1 Min. Stay 1 Max. Stay 2 Min. Stay 1 Max. Products Used for Pole Thickness
13MM-SM06 44.8mm 560mm 290mm 150x150mm 13MM-80P, SMC80, R63ALU 2.3mm
13MM-SM04-G 44.45mm 550mm 340x50mm 500mm 598mm 700mm 1370mm 13MM-R65P, R63ALU 1.55mm
13MM-SM04HD 44.45mm 800mm 340x50mm 700mm 1370mm 700mm 1370mm 13MM-R65P, R80P, R63ALU 1.55mm
13MM-SM04LM 44.45mm 1100mm 340x50mm 700mm 1370mm 700mm 1370mm 13MM-R65P, R80P, SMC80, R63ALU 1.55mm
13MM-SM08 44.45mm 860mm 290mm 230x50mm 700mm 1370mm 700mm 1370mm 13MM-R65P, R63ALU 1.55mm
13MM-SM09P 44.45mm 580mm 290mm 230x50mm  27mm 44mm 700mm 1370mm 13MM-R65P, R63ALU 1.55mm
13MM-SM09 44.8mm 620mm 200mm 500mm 598mm 13MM-R65P, R63ALU 2.3mm
13MM-SM12 63.5mm 1050mm 500x65mm 88mm 1530mm 88mm 1530mm 13MM-SMC80, SMC100 1.15mm
13MM-SM12P 60.5mm 1080/700mm 500mm  13MM-SMC80, SMC100 3mm
13MM-SM14 38.1mm 350mm 340x50mm 410mm 670mm 500mm 598mm ISP (Internet) 1.55mm
11MM-HS500 25.4mm 500mm 210mm 130x50mm 13MM-UEM 1.2mm
11MM-HS1000 25.4mm 1000mm 210mm 130x50mm  13MM-UEM 1.2mm
11MM-HS1200 25.4mm 1200mm 210mm 130x50mm 13MM-UEM 1.2mm
11MM-HS1500 25.4mm 1500mm 210mm 130x50mm 13MM-UEM 1.2mm
11MM-MT10R 25.4mm 1000mm Aerial 1.15mm
11MM-MT15R 25.4mm 1500mm Aerial 1.15mm
11MM-MEP01 26mm 1000mm Mast Extender 1.15mm
11MM-MEP05 26mm 500mm Mast Extender 1.15mm
11MM-RM05 25.4mm 570mm 290x50mm Aerial 1.15mm
11MM-RM10 25.4mm 1105mm 290x50mm Aerial 1.15mm
11MM-MEJ10 25.4mm 800mm 230mm Mast Extender L Shape 1.15mm
11MM-MEK 25.4mm 1500mm 140mm Mast Extender and Aerial 1.15mm
11MM-SB1000A 15.88/19.05mm 1000mm 1097mm Adjustable Stay 1.15mm
11MM-SB700A 15.88/19.05mm 700mm 1370mm Adjustable Stay 1.15mm
11MM-SB500A 15.88/19.05mm 500mm 598mm Adjustable Stay 1.15mm
11MM-SB1500AU 15.88/19.05mm 1500mm 2970mm Adjustable Stay 1.15mm

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