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How to mesh an additional AP to an existing AP

1. Open the Ruijie APP and choose the project containing the network you wish to MESH an AP to.

2.Raise ‘Workspace’.

3. Choose ‘Advanced’

4. Choose ‘AP Mesh’

5. Turn on ‘AP Mesh’ and then start the Scan. Please make sure the additional AP has power, is factory reset and within 1m of the host AP.

6. Please wait whilst the device scans the LAN for compatible devices

7. Select the AP you wish to MESH and then push ‘Mesh’. If nothing is detected, factory reset the Meshing AP and try again. Check the Firmware is up to date on all units.

8. Please wait whilst the Mesh is configured

9. A green tick indicates success

10. Check the Topology for the updated configuration

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