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How to share your doorbell with additional smart devices by QR code

A convenient QR code is supplied within the MM SmartView app to help bind any other smartphones or tablets you may wish to connect to the doorbell.

Note: Please use How to pair the Matchmaster MM SmartView app to a 50MM-WD01, WD02 or WD03 doorbell for initial setup. This guide is only for additional devices connecting to the same doorbell once the first setup is complete.

Part 1: Displaying the QR code for additional devices to capture

Step 1: Tap the ‘Device Configuration’ icon located in the top right of your device row.

Step 1 Screenshot

Step 2: Tap ‘QR Code’. This QR code displayed can now be used to connect additional devices to your doorbell.

Step 2 Screenshot

Part 2: Scanning the QR Code from a Device

Step 1: Download the MM SmartView app on your secondary smart device. Launch the app.

Download on App Store:

Download on Google Play:

Step 2: Tap ‘Scan QR Code’. Scan the QR code displayed on the currently paired device (See Part 1).

Step 2 Screenshot

Step 3: Your My Devices table will now display the new doorbell, with an ‘Incorrect username or password’ message. Tap the newly added doorbell and enter the correct username and password.

Step 3 Screenshot Step 3 Screenshot

Step 4: Your device message will now change to ‘Online’. You will now receive a live picture and be able to access features and setup options.

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